Trouble (Manifesting) at Home

Just yesterday, I wrote about surfing a higher vibe and committing to feeling GOOD in the new year. Then, enter life. My home life is tough right now. My husband is dealing with a lot of anxiety and anger related to his estranged father and a recent death on his father’s side of the family. We have a TWO YEAR OLD — ’nuff said. And we have a one year old rescue puppy who pretty much just follows us around relentlessly trying to get attention amid the regular chaos of our home. Not to mention, I’m seven months pregnant and work full-time. I know that none of this makes me special. For so many of us, this crazy, hectic, spread-thin lifestyle is the modern norm.

All that aside, I am coping so much better now with the demands of full-time working and parenting because I have made so much inner progress. I’ve let go of old hurts and cleared old emotional blocks that were draining my energy; I have opened and cleared major chakra energy blocks; I actually love myself for the first time in a verrrrry long time; I’ve reconnected with source or God or the divine or the universe (insert preferred term here); I have realized that everything is okay in the present moment; I have realized that we are all one. The list of awakenings goes on, but it still doesn’t account for the fact that life keeps happening.

It’s like, if one member of the family’s energy is down, the energy of the whole house is down. The only thing I know to do for my husband is to offer love and support (which is usually cordially refused) and then either tend to our toddler and try to redirect the family activity for the day, or retreat into my happy space (if I can) with my candles, journal, podcasts, etc. and try to recoop from the energy strain of the stressful situation at hand.

There is SO much here to be unpacked — just the facts of being a spouse and a parent call forth all of their own obstacles to manifesting a high-vibe life. I hear all of the self-help experts living the bliss of flow and manifesting through their exalted energy states, but I never hear them talk about doing this while navigating the kinds of familial bonds and domestic obligations that a HUGE number of us manage on a non-stop basis.

Thoughts, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Trouble (Manifesting) at Home

  1. Yes! I thought you captured this perfectly. I can totally relate to the energy changes in the home that you described, as we have 5 little kids running non-stop and often times self help focuses on idealism. As a result of this, i tend to enjoy zen buddhist teaching, because it teaches you to accept what is in a nonjudgmental way, this has helped me be OK with the imperfections that I see in my home. I think sometimes what we perceive as energy changes are simply our beliefs about the way something should be, and when it’s not that way and we have put all this work into believing we get discouraged. As a husband myself I can relate to your husband as far as a distant father,bitterness and anxiety as well as anger when my wife tries to encourage me. Again it’s often times my disillusionment and subsequent internal berating for not being OK that sets me up for failure when my wife attempts encouragement. I usually have a strong vision about the way things should be and no doubt your husband and you probably do as well. It’s okay for things to be different then you imagined. The unfolding is the beautiful part. It’s the desperate wants and perceived needs I think that get in the way. I don’t think it’s so much mental concept to wrap your head around as much as it’s an immersing yourself in your present life where ever you are and accepting and approving of yourself in your current state.


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! This is so absolutely true — I’m realizing as of late that so much of my unhappiness has come from my judgment of a situation or of a person, from my wanting of the situation or person to be other than what they are. There’s really almost a level of insanity in that! I couldn’t have said it better: “The unfolding is the beautiful part. It’s the desperate wants and perceived needs I think that get in the way.” My inner voice says, “Let go, let go, let go.” Maybe this will be my new mantra when I feel like things are getting yucky in the house! Lol. Let go of my arbitrary expectations! Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” is one of my favorites on the subject of presence and mindfulness. Do you have any favorites/recommendations? Thanks again!

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