Soul Revival

          I am writing this blog in hopes of connecting with other people who are either interested in or immersed in personal/spiritual development but who are maybe bogged down in the details and demands of work and bills and relationships and child-rearing or who are maybe just feeling a little alone in the whole process.

A little bit about me: in the present moment, I’m feeling like I’ve tried, tried, tried to make the “right” choices in life so that I would love my job and have lots of security and prosperity, but I’m not quite there . . . I’m feeling so stuck in my career and so stuck under the weight of debt.  I’ve been working for over a year now on clearing old emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, and from this clearer place, I’m trying to manifest my dream job and my dream life.

          I’m in the thick of this process and am looking to connect with others who are on a similar path.  Each week, I’ll blog on my latest thoughts and questions and on any recent successes or “failures”.  I’d love to hear about yours, too!      


2 thoughts on “Soul Revival

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